Find Balance and Peace with Embodiment of Real
Discover contemporary approaches to traditional cultivation of the path to peace and freedom
Find Balance and Peace with Embodiment of Real
Discover Contemporary Approaches to Traditional Cultivation of the Path to Peace and Freedom
Are you looking for a balanced path to self-development?
Navigating the complexities of scientific, psychological, and spiritual advice can be challenging. Embodiment of Real simplifies this journey for you. Finding a balanced way of practice to not only improve one’s condition but also to touch upon something profound beyond oneself is even harder.

Embodiment of Real is designed not only to provide a clear theoretical paradigm grounded in both Western and Eastern traditions of psycho-physical cultivation but also to share with you a well-balanced praxis that specifically targets the four foundations of self-development: body, energy, psyche and mind.
By extracting one’s desire from the aegis of the Other, and by cultivating the capacity for physical prowess, energetic self-sufficiency, and mental stability, one gains a chance to surrender to and abide in that, which is Real beyond the world.

Discovering Freedom: The Path Within
If you have ever conceived of freedom from the world where desire is stifled with injunctions to obey in order to enjoy and attention is a form of digital currency, then the path is within making a refuge upon oneself.
Embodiment of Real is not just about personal development or therapy—it is a journey of transcendence and self-discovery. By fostering endurance, stoic resilience, and eclectic knowledge, we inspire you to travel along the path of reversal, leading you towards the Soul and the Spirit.
Cultivate Your Human Potential
Uncover the Real Within
Through our practice, you will delve deep into the realms of body, energy, psyche, and mind, uncovering the subtle mechanisms underpinning your makeup. By learning how to correctly pay attention to discontents, inconsistencies, habitual reactions, patterns of movement, speech and thought, you will gradually release yourself from the determinism of acquired conditioning and enter the realm of desire non-dependent on external influences.
Transform Yourself
Our approach is grounded in the fundamental principles of body transformation, energy cultivation, understanding the psyche, and training the mind. We believe that congruent development encompasses mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as the capacity to build, move and store energy, which fuels the inner change: Inner peace cannot be divorced from outer gracefulness.
An Interdisciplinary Practice
Embodiment of Real draws from diverse traditions such as Theravada Buddhism, Quanzhen Daoism, and Lacanian psychoanalysis to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach to cultivation. By integrating these traditions, we offer practitioners a flexible yet one-pointed path of soulful embodiment stripped from dogmatic trimmings and ritualistic entrapment.
Join the Path of Relinquishment
Whether you are seeking genuine knowledge, transcendence, or truth, Embodiment of Real invites you to relinquish identifications, exert diligent effort, and embrace loving acceptance on the path towards unification with the Real. It is not just a practice—it is a way of life, a journey towards discovering, touching upon, merging with and dwelling upon that which is no longer reducible to fabrications of your mind.
Arouse Perseverance
Embodiment of Real offers more than just a method but a motivation, inspiration and encouragement to travel against the stream. It is so rare to find in the world those who are willing to go against the natural process of birth, distortion, fading and death by means of developing self-reliance, diligence, determination and striving towards realisation and embodiment of transcended states of being. It is here that you find support from practitioners sincerely aiming at such an endeavour.
About Evgenii
Dr. Evgenii Timofeev is a dedicated practitioner, teacher and student in the realm of self development and spiritual cultivation. With a rich background spanning diverse cultures and disciplines, Evgenii brings a unique perspective to his work, rooted in personal experience, interdisciplinary analysis and deep insight.

Drawing from his extensive training in martial arts, parkour, performance art, Eastern internal arts, and meditative qualities, Evgenii offers a wealth of practical knowledge in cultivating body, energy, and mind. His interdisciplinary approach brings together traditional wisdom with contemporary methods, providing a well balanced framework for personal transformation and creating foundations for spiritual practice.

Evgenii is committed to serving those who seek deeper realisation, clarity, inner peace, authentic self-expression and have a desire for that, which is greater than themselves.

His teachings are tailored to those navigating the complexities of modern life, offering practical tools and guidance for overcoming inner obstacles, rediscovering and embodying the fullness of being wholesomely human.

Through Embodiment of Real, Evgenii shares his insights and practices with a global audience, offering resources and support for those who are sincerely seeking to know themselves.

His work is characterized by a deep reverence for the human capacity for goodness and a profound commitment to helping others find peace, freedom, and fulfillment.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and cultivation with Dr. Evgenii Timofeev as your guide. Explore the intricacies of your being, develop perseverance, antifragility and self-reliance, embrace the path to peace and freedom.

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Praxis and Theory
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